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Central to all that we do is the fundamental play work principle of freely chosen, self-directed  play and so offer a wide range of fun activities for children to choose from and enjoy both indoors and out.  


Construction toys

Lego, Duplo, K'nex, Stickle Bricks, wooden blocks, mechano.

Our broad range of construction toys are great for creativity , hand eye coordination, world building and imaginative play and very tactile and satisfying.

Art and craft 

Painting, junk modelling, printing, drawing, colouring, clay modelling, collage.

At the club children can take part in all kinds of art and craft activities. Each room has a drawing and colouring table every day and we regularly offer a mixture of large and small scale, self-directed and adult-directed activities.   



Action figures, cars, animals, dinosaurs, dolls, Small worlds, train tracks. 

We have a huge selection of toys with which children can have great fun flexing their imagination while building valuable social skills like sharing, cooperation, taking care of things and the importance of tidying up.  

Large Table Games 

Always popular at the club are Table Football, Air Hockey, Pool/Snooker and Table Tennis.

Games of this sort build hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and social skills such as teamwork, turn-taking and healthy competition.


Imaginative Play


Dressing Up

Fancy dress, accessories

and all sorts of items to assist in role play

Children can pull on a costume  and become anyone or anything they can imagine with our extensive dressing up collection. 


We have  gaming PCs in each room, a selection of Nintendo consoles and multiple iPads for the children's use.

A fun way for children to learn basic IT skills, sharing , turn-taking and to develop their hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Gaming Accessories

Board and Card games

We have a broad  and regularly updated range of board and card games for the children to enjoy.

Tabletop games as well as being great fun can help children develop all kins of social and cognitive skills.

Book Corner

A space for children to sit on our comfy bean bags or sofa and enjoy  our library of  fiction, non- fiction, comics and picture books.

Reading  broadens understanding of the world , sparks the imagination and boosts cognitive development on multiple fronts. 


Exterior Play

Children can play outside with Wheeled toys,  balls, tennis & badminton sets, skipping ropes, soft archery, giant chess, climbing frames, balance beams, all weather multi-sports pitch, large playing field.

Games of this sort build hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and social skills such as teamwork, turn-taking and healthy competition.

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