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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the club open?

The club starts at 3:05pm closes at 5:30pm, Monday to Friday term time only. However, on early end of term closures we start at 2pm


Can I book additional sessions?

The club operates on strict staff to child ratios and we are limited in the number of children who can be in attendance at any one time. The club will always try to meet your needs for extra time and you should speak to the Treasurer see if we have availability.


Can I ask a staff member to baby-sit for me?

Yes, although it is important to note that if you do, it is an arrangement between you and the staff member. The club does not accept any responsibility or liability for their actions.


What do I do if my child is sick?

If your child is sick and has a communicable illness the club is not permitted by OFSTED, our licensing authority, to admit your child into the club while they are contagious. We do not have a sick room or any facility in which we can care for a sick child. For events like this, it is important that you have alternative arrangements for the care of your child, such as a grandparent or a friend.



If I am concerned about my child, can I ring the club?

Yes, we welcome telephone calls at anytime from parents.


Who can collect my child from club?

We only accept nominations from information recorded on your application forms. You must notify us in advance if there is a change of person collecting your child or they must use the password if you have given one.


What happens if my child does not settle?

It is unusual for a child not to settle. The excitement of new surroundings and playing with other children usually helps to settle a child quickly. If we have any concerns about your child settling we will always discuss them with you. Equally, if you have concerns please discuss them with us. Your child will be allocated a Key Worker who will always be available for him/her. (Reception age children)


Do I pay fees for when my child is not at club?

Yes, fees are payable for your confirmed registered days. Sick days, play dates, holidays etc will still be charged. There is a 50% reduction of fees for children who go on school based residential trips. The Treasurer will email parents in term 5 for confirmation as it is not assumed your child will be going  


When and how are fees paid?

Fees are paid each term on receipt of your invoice. The club accepts vouchers, BACS, cash & cheques. Credit & Debit Cards are not acceptable as we do not have the facility. BACS is now our preferred method of payment


Can I bring food or sweets into the club for the Children?

Yes, only if it is a special celebration such as your child's birthday. At other times we would ask that you consult a member of staff before doing so in order to ensure that no child is given access to any food or sweets that might do them harm.



What happens if I realise I will be late collecting my child?

It is vital that you alert us to your problem ASAP so that we can make timely arrangements. We do charge for telephone calls and late collection of your child if we have not been informed


If my child has an accident or injury will I be told?

Yes, if your child receives any injury, no matter how minor, you will always be told. All injuries are recorded in an accident book and will identify the accident, the injury, what treatment was carried out and the staff member dealing with it. You will be asked to sign that you have seen the entry and that you are content with how the matter was handled.


If I need to change my child's days at the club how do I do that?

It is possible to change your child's attendance pattern provided we have a permanent vacancy on the days you require. To help us meet your needs we ask that a minimum of 4 weeks notice is given of any requested change. If in the event that is not possible, please speak to us ASAP. It is important to note that it is not always possible to immediately change days due to staff children ratios. The club will always try to help you as quickly as possible.


Do you have policies on club procedures?

Yes and parents are most welcome to see them. Please ask the Manager.


What can I expect from the club?

You can expect the club to carry out its duties in a highly professional manner. For your child to be cared for by a staff member who has a love of children and for the care to take place in an environment that is both stimulating and safe. You can also expect that your child's emotional, physical and development needs will be catered for in a sensitive and caring manner.


 What does the club do with my personal Information?

The information is treated as highly confidential in line with GDPR May 2018 and will only be used to assist in the care of your child. It is vital for your child's wellbeing that your emergency contact details are kept accurate and up to date. Your records are not shared or shown to any other party and when you leave the club they will be destroyed after a period of time. You and your child are very important to us and we strive to build a relationship between parents, children and the club, founded on trust.


The Club Aims

The club aims to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for the children in our care. It is our desire to offer parents a reliable and quality service that will, where possible, respond to their needs for childcare. The club will at all times operate within the guidelines as defined by OFSTED, though prioritising the safety and welfare of the child above all else.



The club will always have staff available to care for your child for the agreed period of care. In the event that your child does not attend the club on those agreed times, for whatever reason, fees will still be payable. Fees are charged on a termly basis and you will be invoiced termly. The club is happy to accept payment by cash, childcare vouchers or BACS. A lifetime registration fee of £10.00 per child is required once your child is accepted in the Club, it is not refundable and will be used to purchase toys, equipment arts and crafts etc which the children choose.



 Should you wish to terminate this agreement, you must give four weeks notice to the Treasurer



Children receive nutritious, well-balanced snacks. Should children have special dietary requirements they will be accommodated. Sweets are not freely available in the club and we ask parents not to send sweets in with their child. It should be noted that we are not being unkind, some children have severe allergies and it is for this reason that we would ask you to honour and support our request. In the event of a birthday or celebration etc an exception can be made, though we ask parents to advise us in advance of any treats being brought in.



On all outings children will be closely escorted and supervised by members of the club staff. Written consent forms are required for trips, walks to the park etc


Policy on Discipline

We have a policy of encouraging constructive and positive social behaviour. Disapproval of unacceptable behaviour will be shown consistently, in a positive manner. No child will be disciplined by smacking, shouting or through humiliation.


Settling in

This can be an emotional time for both the child and parents. We have found from experience that a short visit in advance of a child starting can ease this situation. The excitement of their new surroundings and the other children quickly attracts their attention. Parents can feel reassured that if their child shows any undue distress, they will be advised.



Staff will administer prescribed medication, though only when parents have given a written approval and administration instruction. The Club will arrange training for specific medication administration.



The club is required by regulations not to admit or retain children while they are ill and parents will be expected on these occasions to make alternative arrangements. This is to prevent cross infection with other children. Should a child develop symptoms of illness (rash. high temperature, vomiting, diarrhoea etc) while at the club, parents will be advised immediately. If a child has been prescribed medication (antibiotics) the child must be kept away from the club for the first 24 hours to prevent cross infection with other children or staff.




 In the event that you are concerned or unhappy about any aspect of the club service please advise the Manager as soon as possible. Only by knowing that there is a concern can we respond to it. Should you not feel satisfied with any aspect of the club's response to your complaint, please feel free to discuss it with the Club Chair Person.


Arrivals and Departures

Children in years Reception, 1, 2 and 3 are collected from their classroom by Playworkers and escorted to the Club room. Years 4, 5 & 6 make their own way to the main club room for registration then go to their club rooms. Parents/Carers are asked to sign their child out at the end of a session once they have collected their child.


Windmill Primary School, Margaret Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8NG Tel:07967631751/07817792244

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