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WASC News Letter

Updated: Mar 18, 2021


With the school's reopening on 8th March the club has been very happy to welcome back children and team members not with us during the closure and it’s been great to see familiar faces back with us along with a few entirely new ones.

We continue to maintain the same high safety standards in response to the Covid-19 virus with our 3 rooms each partitioned into 2 to maintain year group bubbles.

The only unavoidable exception to this being reception and year 1 sharing a space.

Regular hand-washing is observed by all and surfaces are cleaned before each session for more detailed information on this see our Covid-19 Policy in the Parent information section.


We currently continue to offer snack on a non-prep basis. Each day providing a selection of fresh & dried fruit or veg, healthy crackers, rice cakes, single serving cheeses, yoghurts and meats

To drink we have water and milk or a non-dairy substitute


Chinese lanterns! For Chinese New Year we had great fun creating these fantastic lanterns

Over Christmas we enjoyed creating Christmas trees!


Please do inform us of any changes to your child's attendance, if they are absent for any reason or begin or cease attending another club after school the best way to let us know is text us on our usual contact number

Thank yous

We've received some fantastic donations of toys, books & games from generous families recently. Such kind donations are always welcome!!

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